Anger Management Wanted

So we have a fish named Sushi. You’re thinking that we are amazingly creative right now I know it! Anyway, Trev and I have discovered that Sushi is a very angry fish. I mean really the guy swims against the sides of his glass bowl in the most aggressive manner you think his poppy seed sized heart is going to explode.

We talk to him in baby talk with phrases like “Sushi why are you so fweaking pissed right now?” and “Hey buddy you gotta chill out.” He doesn’t seem to listen though. Trev and I will take momentary pauses in our days to comment on his anger and why that reflection in the glass is so infuriating. You can just here him saying all ghetto like “Get the $@#! outta my house, this is my house!”

Fish parenting is quite easy except we do worry about his life span and are sure that all the stress is going to take him long before his 5 year lifespan. High risk for cardiovascular disease you know…

Okay so now for the photo shoot and yes he was pissed, you will see the stink eye he gave me in the third shot, not to mention he totally posed in front of the no fishing sign, I think he is trying to tell me something…



The Tiny Companion

My family had two dogs over the course of my lifetime. Both were wonderful but one in particular stands out: Casey, the Bichon Friese.

You can almost see the oracle eye on the left

First, the poor dog didn’t stand a chance. Bichon Friese is the most sissy and prissy dog breed name. I mean seriously, it is French! Second, he was brought into a family who have our share of neuroses (if you’ve read my blog you can only imagine!) Third, he was also neurotic to begin with (he was afraid of a variety of things and his fears only grew). If he could speak English I’m sure he would be the dog version of Adrian Monk.

Casey came to us through a series of events: 1) My mom saw one at a friends house and thought it was cute 2) I immediately jumped on her and my dad’s apparent pause in rational thinking, which meant they would consider getting another dog 3) He was in the newspaper for a cheap price and was already potty trained!

We of course went as a family to see him and decided within minutes that we were all in love. I remember my dad saying “He is awfully cute.” And he was. This dog chased the ball tirelessly (and still does), attacked deer and one unfortunate human (a butt bite), and scared off creatures ten times his size.

He has also acquired quite the set of nicknames. Our family is big on them and Casey was not spared our tradition. I want to explain them:

1) Weicher: A random name Evan came up with that has stuck forever, we still have no idea what it actually derived from

2) The White Rat: Yes we are horrible owners but seriously how could you think otherwise after seeing this dog wet.

3) The Oracle: Poor Casey had a series of doggie strokes and during recovery from one he banged his eye which led to blindness and eventual loss of vision. However, his loss of vision and subsequent change in the affected eye to a creepy white color has only led us to believe he is a diviner of Greek Mythology fame.

Ev was trying to force him to look at the camera, kinda worked...

4) TC: Tiny Companion which is the most logical considering he weighs less than 20 lbs and is quite the companion. Many a cry, breakup, sadness, joy, birth and death have been told to this dog and he has weathered them all.

Casey is now 15 years old and will not be with our family for much longer. His joints are creaky and we have to limit his ball time for fear of injuries. His death will mark the end of an era and I will be very sad. I do know that he has forever instilled the love of dogs into my heart and even when he is gone, my brother has recently adopted another doggie who I can love on until I get a “Casey” of my own. Introducing Calvin.

Look at those eyes

It’s the Little Things

So marriage is fun and hard. Sometimes harder than fun but the last two weeks I was without the Trev monster. It’s true, he went on a really cool trip and saw his family so I was super happy for him. This little wife also was quite productive and did her school work and worked A.LOT.

However, I’m so glad he is back. He came back, worked for three nights in a row and then slept all day today. But when the boy woke up I had dinner ready almost ready.(For those who know us and those who don’t, dinner is not a timely affair but not for lack of trying).

Some dinners are an adventure because if the main dish is say “Kale Enchiladas” my husband will be at McDonald’s ordering some other choice :). I get a little nervous cooking things because I am never sure if it will be a hit or a miss. Tonight I was a little nervous. I decided to make this Butter Chicken. Katie was the referer for this, and Bev was the chef. Now let me tell you Bev knows how to cook! First recipe ever from her blog and yep it was delish. But I mean with that much butter, how could it be bad?

I had to make my own Masala because I couldn’t find any at Wal-Mart (imagine them not having specialty Indian items, weird I know). I got the recipe from here. I didn’t have a mortar and pestle so I might have used a small ramekin and the closed end of one of those long cough syrup spoons that your mom used when you were little, just maybe. I use random tools in the kitchen all the time (see here).

So Trev and I ate, got our sinuses cleared and watched an episode of Monk. It was divine and I’m so glad to have him back. Plus I got a 9.5/10 for dinner. It’s the little things.

Angry Husbands

This is game I play frequently while sitting in bed either when I am waking up or getting ready to hit the hay. Some of you will know of this game by another name… Can anyone guess? That’s right Angry Birds!!! I am absolutely addicted to this game. My iPhone battery consistently goes dead at 2:30 am when I should be fast asleep and am instead trying to beat the latest level.

Poor Trevor

This game is dangerous. I think that I am actually developing carpal tunnel in my right arm. Actually I looked it up and I am truly getting some kind of ulnar nerve damage. The creators of this game were geniuses but of the weirdest sort. How a game about birds smashing pigs came to be an overnight success absolutely confounds me.

So Angry Birds has become a “sore spot” in the home. I have been known to play Angry Birds and totally ignore Trev. I may also become annoyed when he is calling and I am in the middle of a very difficult level. It is also possible that he will ask me ten times if I am ready to go and I always reply that I am. But what this actually means is “I will be ready in five minutes when I have gotten three stars on this level”.

Finally, at any point that I am playing this game, it is quite possible that I do not hear ANYTHING. My siblings can attest to this unique and often exasperating gift that I have. It was first discovered when I was younger and would read constantly. Emily and Evan would try to talk to me but it was IMPOSSIBLE to get my attention. In fact, they would have to physically get near me and talk into my ear for me to look up. Trust me though, it is an amazing world when you can disappear into whatever it is you are reading.

Apparently, this trait gets carried over to Angry Bird playing. My coworkers can also probably attest that I am not the best listener when I have new levels to beat. Of course Trev has begun to figure out when I am playing the game by the guilty look on my face when he says “Angry Husbands?” He coined this term about 2 days into our marriage as we were waiting for our plane to take us on our honeymoon. That’s right. I was engrossed in the game while I was with my new husband on the way to Hawaii. Sick isn’t it? It doesn’t matter. I freaking love this game and always will…

I couldn’t be any happier right now…

I'm awesome...

Generational Resiliency

I was in Boston on September 11th this year. It was so sad and strange to think what happened to our country after that event. I remember where I was the day the towers fell. I remember what I did that day and I remember what I did that night. I imagine almost all of us did.

Now it is a part of everyday life. Security alerts, airplane travel, vigilance in everyday life all changed. On the ten-year anniversary of 9/11, I went down to a fountain in one of the many parks in Boston. This fountain in particular was so beautiful. I wish I could describe it to you completely but I think it is better if I just show you a video of it. This video is of our whole trip to Boston but the fountain is shown in the middle.

So many people were drawn to it. Couples, families, children, elderly and even people alone seemed to find total fascination with the fountain. The water was like a magnet for toddlers. Seriously, it was like the pied piper was whistling his tune from the center of the thing. I watched as a young girl with her mother ran through the center, trying to avoid the water. A man who was at least 70 decided to take a turn and run through it as well. Others watching cheered each person on, secretly hoping that a spray might catch the runner mid-step.

What I learned from my fellow citizens that day is that people are resilient. We have babies, we turn 70 or 80 or 90 and keep living, we move forward. We still can play in a fountain ten years after our country was shaken and afraid and experience unfiltered joy. How this happens I don’t really know. It is how we were created: to work, to live, to fear, to overcome, to hope. I was grateful to be reminded of that.